Saint John’s University Address: Your Guide to the Campus


Embark on an enlightening journey as we delve into the address of Saint John’s University. This comprehensive guide unveils the intricate details of the university’s location, providing an immersive overview of its sprawling campus.

From its prestigious address to its convenient accessibility, Saint John’s University invites you to explore a world of academic excellence and vibrant student life. Join us as we navigate the university’s address, uncovering the landmarks, amenities, and transportation options that make it a thriving hub of knowledge and community.

Address Information


Saint John’s University’s main campus is located in Collegeville, Minnesota. The university’s mailing address is:

Saint John’s University
PO Box 2000
Collegeville, MN 56321-2000

Physical Address

The physical address of the university is:

300 Saint John’s Drive
Collegeville, MN 56321

Location and Campus Details

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Saint John’s University is located in Collegeville, Minnesota, a charming city nestled within the scenic Stearns County. It resides in the heart of the Midwest region, offering a tranquil and vibrant atmosphere for students.

The university’s campus encompasses a sprawling 2,650 acres of rolling hills, serene lakes, and lush forests. Its spacious layout provides ample green spaces, recreational areas, and academic facilities.

Notable Landmarks

The campus boasts several iconic landmarks that contribute to its distinct character:

  • Abbey Church: A magnificent Gothic Revival masterpiece, the Abbey Church serves as a spiritual and architectural centerpiece of the university.
  • Alcuin Library: A state-of-the-art facility, Alcuin Library houses an extensive collection of books, periodicals, and research materials.
  • Saint John’s Preparatory School: Founded in 1857, Saint John’s Prep is a renowned college preparatory school located adjacent to the university.

Contact Information

Reaching out to Saint John’s University is easy and convenient. We provide various contact channels to ensure we’re always accessible for your inquiries and requests.

For general inquiries and assistance, please feel free to contact us through the following methods:

Phone Number

Our main switchboard number is (718) 990-6161. Our friendly staff will be happy to assist you with any questions or concerns.

Email Address

For written inquiries, you can send an email to [email protected]. Our team will respond promptly to your messages.

Additional Contact Methods

Additionally, you can connect with us on social media or reach out via fax. Our social media handles are:

  • Facebook: @stjohnsuniversity
  • Twitter: @stjohnsu
  • Instagram: @stjohnsuniversity

Our fax number is (718) 990-6495.

Directions and Accessibility


Saint John’s University offers various convenient transportation options to reach its campus. Whether you prefer driving, utilizing public transportation, or taking a leisurely walk, the university provides accessible routes for all visitors.

For those arriving by car, the campus is easily accessible from major highways. Ample parking spaces are available for visitors, including designated areas for disabled individuals.

Public Transportation

Public transportation is a convenient option for those without access to a vehicle. Several bus routes serve the university, connecting it to nearby towns and cities. The nearest bus stop is located just a short walk from the main entrance.

Walking and Cycling

For those who enjoy a leisurely stroll or bike ride, the university is conveniently situated within walking and cycling distance of many local amenities. The campus is surrounded by scenic trails and sidewalks, making it a pleasant and accessible option for visitors.

Interactive Campus Map

Explore the Saint John’s University campus with our interactive map. Navigate through the grounds, discover key locations, and plan your visit effortlessly.

The map is organized into responsive columns, providing a user-friendly interface on any device. Key buildings, amenities, and landmarks are clearly marked, making it easy to find what you need.

Key Locations

  • Academic Buildings: Locate classrooms, lecture halls, and research facilities.
  • Residence Halls: Find your way to student housing and explore residential options.
  • Athletic Facilities: Discover sports fields, gymnasiums, and recreation centers.
  • Dining Options: Explore dining halls, cafes, and other food outlets.

Essential FAQs

What is the full street address of Saint John’s University?

8000 Utopia Parkway, Jamaica, NY 11439

What is the mailing address for Saint John’s University?

8000 Utopia Parkway, Jamaica, NY 11439

What is the phone number for the university’s main switchboard?

(718) 990-6161

What is the email address for general inquiries?

[email protected]

How do I get to the university by public transportation?

Take the F train to the 169th Street station or the E or J train to the Sutphin Boulevard station. From there, you can take the Q44 bus to the university.

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